What you should know before graduating

Graduating soon? What now?

You are currently studying towards a degree that will equip you with specialised knowledge and skills, but to really make a difference a deep understanding of the business environment is critical for employability and career success.

UCT still South Africa’s top university – but there’s a new number two

The latest QS World University Rankings has been released for 2017/18, showing which South African universities have the best global reputation – and which ones are struggling.

Herbert Smith Freehills: International Legal Learnership Programme 2017

Herbert Smith Freehills: International Legal Learnership Programme 2017 Are you interested in working as part of a dynamic team providing innovative legal services?

Is a career as a dietitian for you?

Dietetics, the field of nutrition, health and the application of science-based nutrition knowledge offers a variety of distinctive career opportunities that goes beyond the usual view of the dietitian as someone who simply helps others lose weight.

Future-Proof Your Skills

As the pace of change in the world increases and technology and innovation continue to revolutionise our lives, it goes without saying that we’ll need new skills to navigate a new world.

Banking Terms You Need to Know About

Debit order: This is a service the bank offers that allows you to put in place an automatic monthly payment from your account to cover a long term financial commitment.

The Cheapest Way to Bank

Automatic Telling machines ( ATM’s) Withdrawing cash from ATM’s is the cheapest way to get cash.

The Magic of Compound Interest.

“If you had R10, 000 and invested it for 10 years at 10% interest you would be able to retire on an ocean going yacht, own your own island a drive a convertible”.

Own Your Cash

Many people think that in order to get rich they just need a good job, a few lucky breaks and a good network.

LinkedIn: What You Need to Know

We all know that in the modern career world networking is just as important as your abilities.

About to Finish Matric? Now What?

Many matriculants finish their secondary schooling career unsure what to do with the rest of their lives.

Advice from the Top

Navigating the unknown waters of job hunting and finding your way onto the first rung of the career ladder doesn’t come with an instruction manual.

Top 10 Jobs of The Future

The pace of technological innovation means that our lives have changed dramatically – just think of the first cellphone you ever owned versus the model you have now.

Never Say No to an Internship

If you don’t have much work experience – and let’s face it, as a graduate, it’s unlikely that you do – finding a job can be harder than you bargained for.


If you’re looking for work in these tough times, the best place to start is online. Gumtree.

Unpaid internships: We Ask You What You Think

Unpaid internships are a reality and many graduates are unsure of whether they need the experience an internship brings and if they will be able to sustain themselves with a small stipend every month.

How to budget your first income

It’s a big moment when you get your first salary in your first job. Finally earning your own money conjures images of freedom and being able to splash out on all kinds of goodies.

How to Score an Internship

The internship. No it is not a movie or a scary 10 letter word - it is the key to the start of a successful career.

Your First Job Won't Be Your Dream Job

You’ve graduated from university and you’ve found a job but after your first week you’re already questioning if that’s where you’re meant to be.

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