Witsies! Today is your last chance to Vote

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Student life is filled with major responsibilities from assignments, exams and lectures which often leave very little time for many students to engage with the political atmosphere on campus.

The student party and leaders voted to power are an important voice for students as they determine the future of many students who often don’t have the platforms to raise certain important issues by themselves with the powers that be.

When it comes to pressing issues the SRC is often trusted to bridge the gap between students and campus management. These may range from fees to the general wellbeing of students which is a clear indication that who you vote for is important and should be held accountable at all times.  

This is arguably one of the most significant time in the student calendar because choosing the wrong candidate or choosing to be silent at this time may be the worst decision you ever make as a student.

With the SRC elections at Wits University currently in full swing, here are some important steps for all students to follow as you get ready to vote for your leaders:





Relax a little