Trends to leave in 2016

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Nod your head if you cannot wait for this year to end. Did you nod your head? If you are like us and you are still nodding your head and crossing your fingers that the last remaining days of 2016 will go off without a hitch, we are sure you have had enough of the following things this year too. Let's all take a moment to bid these trends farewell as we enter into an epic 2017.

·    Bad choices. Not just that one too many drinks you had on that very bad night but also collective decisions such as burning books and torching schools and libraries as a means of protest.

·    Big lips. Is it just me or has Kylie Jenner been in the news too often lately? Like we get you use lip fillers and have a budding beauty empire but natural beauty should make a comeback next year.

·    Break-ups. When Brangelina's fairy-tale romance came to an end and Johnny Depp faced domestic abuse charges many hopeless romantics lost faith in true love as a love that lasts forever. As much as we love Taylor's songs hopefully she will meet her one true love in 2017 and bless us with top-notch music that speaks to the soul.

·     Posting photos on Instagram and Facebook akin to 'where I stand'. It is cute to post photos of your pedicured feet or interesting shoes but unless you want to reignite this awful trend which seems to be dying out of its own volition, we suggest you avoid shots of where you stand unless it is on the Great Wall of China.

·     Sticking to the same look. Whether it is the style of clothes you prefer to wear or the same pose you use when taking selfies - here's to hoping you will mix it up a bit more and experiment and explore the world of fashion or just make a different face.

·     Social media challenges. Each year seems to bring a different social challenge which captures the attention of people worldwide. Last year the icebucket challenge did do good and raised funds for ALS but the mannequin challenge was owned by Cape Townians during the sevens rugby match last week when the entire stadium came to a standstill. No one can top that and let's hope no one even tries.

·     Idols. Yes, loved by millions but loathed by the rest of us. Too many idols have come and gone perhaps a reunion or best of the best edition will reinvigorate this talent show which has been running since before some of us matriculated.

·    Cheap dates. Especially on first dates - Netflix and chill usually only leads to one thing and is it too much to ask to have someone serenade you or take you to a fancy restaurant for one night?

What trends would you like to see left behind in 2016? Sound off in the comment box below.

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