Student mistakenly receives R14 milliion – The internet Reacts!

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Ever thought about what you would do if millions miraculously appeared in your bank account? Well this was the reality for a Walter Sisulu University student, who received R14 million that was mistakenly deposited into her account by the university. This was money alledgedly from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) and as you can imagine, with so many students in need of financial aid, the twitter streets went berserk!

The story broke when the student posted a receipt with a multimillion rand bank balance on social media and the pic spread like wild fire! There are also more pictures that surfaced of her splurging the cash on luxury goods and partying.

According the EWN, the university claims to have made the deposit five months ago and are investigating why she did not report the matter immediately, even though she claims to have reported the matter.  It is reported that she has already spent about R400 000 of the money. University spokesperson Yonela Tukwayo says that the deposit was made in error by a company which administers Nsfas funds to student accounts. The student will be liable to pay every cent of the money that she has spent.

However, through a series of tweets, NSFAS is refuting the claims, stating that the money did not come from them and the university should be accountable for the mistake.

Here’s how the internet reacted to probably, the biggest flop of the year!

Some wondered what they would do with the cash if they were in the same situation…



Others found some humour in it….



Makes you wonder how many more millions have mistakenly landed up in other accounts…



Honesltly, we’re also still stuck on HOW now one noticed this moemish for a whole 5 months!!!



Whether this money is from NSFAS or not, doesn’t change the fact that R14 million was deposited into a student’s account and someone has to take accountability for the mess!


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