Gifting on a Budget

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Budget constraints are never a fun thing to have to deal with especially as a student during Christmas time and the December break. To save on spending too much money on Christmas gifts, follow these seven handy guidelines.

1.   Only give gifts to close friends and immediate family members. That cousin who you last saw 10 years ago at a family reunion should not be on your list - instead focus on giving the best Christmas gift you can to those close to you. Think best friends before the rest of the squad and your close family members before extended family.

2.   Gone are the days you spend money and time in the post office line to send a Christmas card to relatives who live elsewhere. Simply sending an e-giftcard or special email will suffice as a Seasons Greetings announcement.

3.   Plan ahead. Know how much you can spend before heading to the shops for Christmas shopping. When shopping also keep the amount of money you can spend in mind. 

4.   Part of planning ahead is to shop for specials and compare prices online too. Look for items that are durable and meaningful but are reasonably priced and still within your budget. You can use the internet to compare prices or even avoid the Christmas rush and queues by ordering online - just include delivery costs and whether the gift will be delivered on time. Looking at the special inserts in local newspapers and national magazines will give you an idea of gifts you can buy and what they will cost.

5.   Regift. There is no shame in regifting something you have not used and do not like to someone else who might enjoy it. Simply rewrap the gift and no one will be the wiser of the gift's origins. To avoid conflict double-check you are not giving the recipient one of their gifts back.

6.   Make your own gifts. Nothing says more than a gift made with love. Browse online and look at DIY and craft books in the library for ideas. Opt to use common household items you already have and buy one or two craft items you can use in several projects.

7.   Physical gifts are temporary but memories made during excursions will last a lifetime. So, get creative in your gifting ideas and treat the whole family to a picnic lunch at a nearby park or a day of fun at the beach.

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