[OPINION PIECE] Why It Is Already Too Late For Our Youth – And How to Save Ourselves

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Why It Is Already Too Late For Our Youth – And How to Save Ourselves

This is a story that I am sure you have already heard many times before (but there’s a twist!)

Here is how it starts:

The Story

On a beautiful April afternoon, a number of years ago, two young people graduated from the same University. They were very similar, these two young people. Both had always been better than the “average” students, both were the type of person people just liked to be around and both – as young University alumni – were filled with great ambitions and dreams for the future.

Recently these two young people returned to University for their reunion. They were still very similar. Both were happily married. Both had three children. And both, it turned out, had gone to work for the same African multinational company after graduation, and were still there. But there was a slight and important difference. One of them was a manager of a small department of the company. Whilst the other was the president.

Why Does This Always Happen?

Have you ever wondered as I have, why this always happens in people’s lives? It isn’t always an inborn intelligence or talent or dedication. It isn’t that one person wants success and the other doesn’t.

The difference lies in what each person knows and how he or she makes use of that knowledge.

Why it’s Already Late for Our Youth?

Our youth does not know the most important piece of knowledge there is to know, that successful people have always known since time immemorial. The greatest problem facing our youth today is the mentality that says that we can only achieve or pursue certain goals once an ominous authority figure gives us “permission” to do so. This manifests itself in the un-rationalized reliance we have on the education system and in our inability to create our own platforms. We still want the major record label deals to signify our own “success,” or the major publishing deals to legitimize our job titles as “writers/authors,” or the 6PM live TV interviews to know that we’re “somebody,” or 1 000 Instagram followers to remind us that we’re “important” or the prestigious degrees from decorated institutions to very our “education levels.” In other words the trappings of power. We feel like we cannot do anything truly ambitious unless the system tells us “It’s okay.”

The Gatekeeper Fallacy – And How to Get Saved

This is what I call the “Gatekeeper Fallacy.” The incorrect belief that as an individual what makes you “qualified” to pursue certain goals or ambitions in life is the acquiescence of an authority figure. This lie needs to be eradicated. As the youth we need to stop thinking that “education” is only a classroom experience. Every moment that we are alive and breathing we have an opportunity to learn and further enrich ourselves with knowledge that can potentially break these chains of partially self-imposed economic bondage.

In 2017 all the information you could ever ask for is readily available to you, courtesy of the Internet. The only price to pay is time and effort. So if you are willing to put in the remarkable time and effort then you will be gifted with remarkable results. Stop believing that you are nobody. In today’s day and age anybody with an internet connection can start an online business, start work as a consultant, earn side income as a freelancer, publish their own books for free (electronically), or find the same information online that used to be restricted to the bourgeoisie.

“Knowledge isn’t power. It’s what you do with it, that is powerful”

So what are you going to do differently now that you know?


This opinion piece was written by Peter Kamlongera, read more of his work here


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