#MyMzansiRoadTrip – Through the lens of the Youth

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  A lot has been said about how beautiful Mzansi is and photographers across our nine breathtaking provinces have captured this rare beauty as best as they can. But the game changed completely when STA Travel, Baz Bus and SA Tourism partnered for the second annual My Mzansi Road Trip-lives were changed!

In true STA Travel style, spontaneity was theme of this EPIC road trip around parts of South Africa. This came as no surprise for a company celebrated for creating unforgettable adventures for ordinary South Africans.

 Unsuspecting students were selected through fun activities on campus and ordered to pack their bags on the spot and immediately join the festivities. “I was handing in my essays and the next thing I knew, I was invited to the Baz Bus to enjoy some of the best views I never even knew existed in South Africa”, commented one cheerful Tuks student. Nobody in their right minds could say no to this especially since the Baz Bus was the transport of choice. Legendary for its flexibility and giving users the freedom to discover South Africa in their own time, this hop on and off service was the perfect vehicle for My Mzansi Road Trip which started in Johannesburg for the 10 lucky Wits and Tuks University students.

Commented Vow FM DJ Keyes, “It’s really embarrassing that I live in Johannesburg but I didn’t know about ‘Once in Joburg until I got the pleasure of staying there on the first night of the tour. Our stay IN Once In Joburg’ was made especially fantastic by the staff who made us feel at home from the moment we walked in.” It’s clear that being located on a wonderful area like 90 De Korte street in Braamfontein is not the only perk that Once in Joburg offers. It goes much further than just being a hostel as It’s always pristinely clean and secure.


The second Baz Bus stop was in Drakensburg where the My Mzansi Road Trip winners got to experience an adventure many of us take for granted until we get to be a part of it. SLEEPING UNDER THE STARS! The Amphitheatre backpackers in the Drakensburg hosted the travelers who got to experience what it’s like to camp under the South African stars.

“I’ve never thought of myself as much of a camper as I always associated camping with dirt and wild animals but the team at Amphitheatre backpackers made me rethink my next roadtrip itinerary- adding CAMPING in bold letters,” joked 947 DJ Karabo N. What’s also fantastic for people who are not going to be converted into campers, overnight like Karabo is the fact that at amphitheater backpackers boasts chalet options if people aren’t too keen to camp. Anyone who’s ever been there will tell you about the bar which turns into quite a party later on for everyone staying there. 

After two nights in such outdoor luxury you’d think My Mzansi Road Trip winners would be “travelled up” but that wasn’t about to happen as they hopped onto the Baz Bus and headed off to Durban where STA Travel and the Department of Tourism pulled out more incredible surprises The first night was spent at Curiocity Hotel which is also a back packers haven that boast another branch in Joburg.  The Durban ‘Curiocity’ opened its doors in spring last year and already has the city buzzing. Housed in the historic 1930 British-Colonial Style building, Ambassador House, it’s the cream of the City Centre. They have the most engaging day activities- the inner city walking tour of Durban and surfing lessons were a top favourite for our dearest Mzansi travelers. “Durban through the eyes of Curiocity is pleasant. It makes you want to explore the city more. I’m keen on doing this every year because of this experience.” observed one excited Wits student.

She was clearly not ready for what was to come- the tallest swing in the world!!! Also known as the Big Rush Swing at Moses Mabida, it definitely gave the My Mzansi Road Trip students a bungee jumping experience ride they will never forget. “Most of the time you don’t realize how beautiful Mzansi is and when one travels, it’s the usual big cities. This trip opened my eyes to how breathtakingly gorgeous every corner of this country is. It opened me up to new experiences and I grew a lot as a photographer and a person, ended the man behind the lens, Karabo Moleele. See all the action below: 



Big S/O to all the #MyMzansiRoadTrip  partners for making the first leg of the tour such an epic adventure.


STA Travel: www.statravel.co.za

Baz Bus: www.bazbus.com

Once In Joburg: http://onceincapetown.co.za/joburg/

Amphitheatre Backpackers: www.amphibackpackers.com

Curiocity Duban: www.curiocitybackpackers.com

Big Rush Urban Adrenaline: www.bigrush.co.za


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