Standard Bank

 Welcome to your new life as a Professional ...

Get the recognition for your relentless ambition and sign up for the financial solution you deserve. As you reach the end of your studies, it is time to start building a rewarding career in your field of choice. We know that it has taken a lot of hard word and dedication to reach this point, and we would like to partner with you with an exclusive Standard Bank Professional’s offering and Private Banking account.


How to apply for the Bank Account?

Please send an email to including your ID number, name and surname, contact details and preferred location (Province and Suburb) with the subject line “GRAD X” and a Private Banker will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Standard Bank Professional’s offering and Private Banking account

How much does it cost?

The monthly bundled fee is only R199.  

 Who qualifies for the Bank Account?

If you are:

Under the age of 35;


in your final year of study or qualified in the last 3 years or permanently employed in any of the following professional fields:

  •  Doctors / Medical
  • Lawyers
  • CA’s
  • Actuaries
  • Engineers

Then the Standard Bank Professional offering is just for you.

All other qualifications in fields not stated above will also be considered, e.g. Honours, Masters and PHD/Doctorate degrees. 

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