10 worst excuses, when caught with your pants down

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10 worst excuses to use when you get caught with your pants down.

*Disclaimer- none of these will get you out of trouble.

1.Oh honey, I can explain, you see, you weren’t supposed to be home.

2.It wasn’t cheating because we’d had a fight that night, and I figured we were broken up until I got your text the next morning.

3.She sat on my lap, what was I supposed to do? I didn’t want to be a jerk.

4.I tripped and fell into her, as I stood up I tripped and fell into her again. Must be something wrong with gravity in here.

5.She’s just a friend.

6.I left my wedding ring on while I had sex with her; that proves I love you.

7.The reason I didn’t mention it to you, because you would have said “no.”

8.I am not having an affair. Sheila is my sex therapist. She’s demonstrating sixty-nine ways to improve my sex drive.

9.Oh, she is just like a sister to me, that's all.

10.I missed you and she reminded me of you!


Writers note: Guys, these excuses are the reason why women hate us. 


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