About to Finish Matric? Now What?

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Many matriculants finish their secondary schooling career unsure what to do with the rest of their lives. While some opt to enrol for a full-time degree or diploma, there are many who enter the working world instead. After matriculating the world is your oyster and the opportunities endless.


Enrolling for a full-time degree or diploma at an institution of your choice will bring with it countless opportunities for you to grow and learn new things. While a bursary and financial aid will enable you to do this, you can also opt to further your studies overseas or complete a tertiary qualification through long-distance learning or by studying part-time.

Many matriculants opt to both study and work part-time especially if they are unsure of what they want to do for the rest of their lives or want to start building up their work experience and earn money.


A learnership is a way for you to gain hands-on training in your chosen field and earn a small stipend. For many matriculants a learnership offers them a foot in the door and work experience on their CV. Learnerships differ in length but can range between anything from three months to one year.


This is the ideal opportunity to look out for if you want to gain skills such as boiler making, panelbeating or carpentry. These are skills currently in high demand throughout the country and in the long run these fields also offer higher earning potential.

Join the workforce

Immediately starting to look for work after you write your last matric paper is a reality for many young South Africans. The earning potential might be lower and you will have to live with your parents or room with friends but you will gain invaluable experience and skills which will stand you in good stead throughout your career. This is also an opportunity for you to explore different fields of work and if you are lucky enough, you might be able to study through your employer or at least receive some kind of training.

Entering the working world is always daunting and undoubtedly brings with it many challenges and rewards but you can make a success out of it. The key here is to remember that you might not find a job immediately or might have to accept a job which you have no passion for - just keep your eye on the endgame and do the best you can.

Gap year

A gap year simply means that you refrain from making a long-term decision about furthering your studies or embarking on a set career path. During a gap year, you might end up taking an opportunity to work overseas as an au pair or opt to explore another country on a working visa. Many matriculants have the opportunity to go backpack through Europe or travel the world by working on a boat. There are more local opportunities allowing you to volunteer for a year or sign up for an adventurous enrichment course with the goal of finding yourself.

A gap year allows you the breathing space to explore life, different careers through job shadowing and gives you time to decide if you want to work full-time and study part-time or vice versa.

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