Vega to Launch New Degree

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"Management education….leaves a distorted impression of management” - Henry Mintzberg

After much research and development Vega is proud to announce the launch of our new degree, a BA in Brand Building and Management*. The first intake for the degree will take place at the beginning of the 2008 academic year. It will be delivered on all three Vega campuses, namely Sandton, Cape Town and Durban.

“The establishment of the degree was born out of a need to provide the industry with graduates who are able to make a meaningful difference to 21st century businesses,” says Gordon Cook Vega School Navigator. He believes that the new degree offers both a strategic and analytical approach to brand building. He said: ” we want a new breed of thinkers who can provide creative and innovative approaches to developing and sustaining brands. and brands lead business. And in our view brands cause business.”

The design and development of the degree recognises, like Mintzberg, that management in business is an art, a science and a craft. The degree provides a unique combination of commercial and humanity subjects. Cook says that Vega’s approach comes off a humanities platform and considers commerce in the context of making a meaningful difference that creates and adds value to a complex set of stakeholders. He said: “This hybrid approach to art in business is a global trend and the link to humanities is especially relevant to developing economies”. We support Gary Hamel’s concern that “while human kind continues to improve its means, it does not always improve its purposes”.

One industry expert commented: “This degrees’ unique combination of subjects is vital as management and leadership are themselves multidisciplinary activities”. Cook believes that the degree will fill a number of gaps in preparing people to enter business today.

Career options available to students after completing the degree include:
  • Brand/Product Management
  • Account/Client Portfolio Management
  • Communication Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Research
  • CSI and Sponsorship Management
  • Business Entrepreneurship
  • Business and Media Strategic Management

Students who enroll for the degree will be exposed to the socio-cultural dynamics of diverse markets as well as to the role of creativity and innovation in branding. This degree will combine theory with real and new world practical projects. Some of the subjects in the degree include Applied Branding and Marketing, Economics and Logistics Brand Building, Corporate Social Investment, Innovation, New Media and Business Management plus many more. All subjects are taught in an integrated way. Students will also be exposed to real-life brand problems through Brand Challenges as well as complete a 4 week internship within their chosen field.

Students with a matric exemption as well as a pass on at least standard grade Maths will be eligible for enrollment into the degree. Interested students can contact Vega on:

JHB – 011 8830130
Cape Town – 021 4257591
Durban - 031 2662595

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