I am X The Green Panther, an aspiring hip hop artist born in Durban and now pursuing my degree in politics at the University of Cape Town. I started Rapping at the age of 13 when my name was Mad-X and then through various interactions with talented peers I got to learn a number of skills in the field of Hip Hop. I have worked with a number of talented artists both in Durban and in Cape Town and learnt so much from both sides.

I have appeared at numerous events but right now, I am working on my upcoming mix-tape titled Cheese & Mayo Music. The project is aimed at utilizing current affairs in both socio-political and entertainment based spheres in order to forge a tighter and intimate bond with the listeners while sharing my views of the world

X The Green Panther is all about entertainment. Official Brand ambassador for TAUN Caps http://www.facebook.com/taunenterprize